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MA, PG Dip,
MBC PG Dip, PG Cert.
Supervision and Consultations

John Jolliffe attachment and trauma therapist
is now RETIRED from all clinical work.

Currently researching Authenticity... – or use your email address book

Currently writing a book on my sense of what therapy and self-development is all about. Also engaging with people in regard to their experience – from professional provision, work situations & as recipients of therapy.

Writing a novel based in WWII – regarding Attachment and Loss, and the value of horses in regards to recovery from trauma.

Also on TwitterEasy Jeep – Also see Linkedin

I also write articles on groups, stories on authentic community, and fictional comedy about relationships and life situations.

Writing Group in Bournemouth – includes many different genres – brief accounts of your own experiences – short stories – draft attempts at dramatic plays, or at least just to read to the group – or just a few lines of simple poetry – see link just below

Paperback Writer

Also media investor in film production
See link to film trailer below

A senior investor in the film ‘Mad to be Normal'– showing in 2017 – which is telling the story of the unique communities at Kingsley Hall, East London, during the 1960s – founded by world-renowned Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing (whom I met – attended his groups for a year – and contributed an article on these groups in the book ‘R D Laing: Creative Destroyer’ – first published in 1997).


I undertook studies of various sorts in this area for nearly 2 years and later worked in and co-founded what some might refer to as later versions of therapeutic communities.

Writer-director Robert Mullan produced ‘Mad to be Normal' in the first quarter of 2016 in Cologne and on location in London.

Starring David Tennant as RD Laing.
(also – Elizabeth Moss, Michael Gambon etc.)

see red link below for FILM TRAILER

*Mad To Be Normal – trailer*

see red link below – very brief interview with myself and some others with Warrior Film Promotions – at the initial showing in The Hospital Club, Soho, London.

*Interview – Myself and other investors *

If you play these videos – both of them – you will find that they lead onto more and more videos of discussion on the film and the topic – some including David Tennant with his interesting personal stories et cetera…

For a portrayal of some of Laing's work – and approach – try this on YouTube – ‘ Did You Used to be R D Laing? ‘ and selecting The MarsdenTherapy version – which runs for 1:37:57 hours (Copyrighted 1989).

Later further directions in these understandings,
and the search for answers.

These communities of R.D. Laing – in the original Kingsley Hall – took place before my time in London – but I had read about them in my teenage years. And by the 1980s there had been later developments in these communities – great improvements made. I arrived on the scene about this time.

In the 1980s – I looked into various understandings – and in 1989 I developed a keen interest in regard to the understandings of Attachment Theory (along with other major developments – too many to mention here). But although I was involved in many different approaches – Attachment Theory with its idea of the provision of A Secure Base – and new understandings – about the causes of emotional and psychological problems – drew my attention. It also provided new understandings for the provision of alternative communities – and a place in which to heal and develop.*These developments – from the early alternative communities to the later understandings – I intend to explain in another book that I’m currently writing at the moment.

*The linking ideas here of course our spiritual emergence, homeostasis – and my own position of 'authentic orientation' – which I have written about before in essays – some years back – but have yet to publish.*


Attachment Theory in my view – though not explained very well anywhere else as far as I can see in regards to its further implications – and is often unfortunately misunderstood as I see it – works in harmony and synergistically with further developments along the path of authenticity – what they call ‘autonomous’. It harmonises perfectly – with the ideas of existentialism – and developmental/growth ideas such as those of humanistic psychology – e.g. Carl Rogers, Maslow, and also Positive Psychology et cetera.

In terms of analytical therapy – the attachment approach as I see it and had practised it – adopts the position of being fully supportive along with taking very great care in helping one identify and process past traumas. To some extent – in my opinion – this will differ – even be in contrast to – certain versions of existential analytical therapy – whilst the existential issues themselves are fully appreciated.

All these ideas – are also entirely relevant to people who consider themselves relatively normal and in balance – but who want to undergo further development– these ideas and practices provide the fundamental tools for further development – and can be harmonised easily with Buddhist ideas and the like. Attachment Theory is not just about dealing with emotional and psychological issues – it is also about normal development – and higher development. It is a living theory – constantly being revisited, revised and developed – by adherents all around the world – who share their expertise and knowledge.


Then of course – there are the further developments that can be referred to as Modern Attachment Theory – undergoing a major expansion in insights and understandings – closely tracing the dimensions of affect regulation, interactive regulation, development in treatment – along with utilising the latest neurobiological research...

In the early 1980s still finding my way in London - I undertook while working - years of voluntary (unpaid) additional work in various charities, communities and organisations - which as well as what it was in itself - fortuitously turned out to be valuable experience for my later paid work.

In the early 90s – I used to run discussion groups in London – for five years – and we had quarterly festive gatherings – around the solstices – and the Winter Solstice/Christmas gathering in December. These involved live players of music – of different kinds – ending in a meditation – and then switching to a buffet and other treats – converting into a discotheque through to the early hours of the morning. These were held in a variety of spacious accommodating venues – many provided free for us.

Later in Bournemouth – I facilitated a discussion group on Facebook, which included contributors from around the world.

In my teenage years – I formed a rock group/band playing rock and pop music – resident band in Bournemouth Town Centre – including for the annual dance of the Bournemouth Echo.

I’ve noticed many benefits in development from such music – and changes of awareness and inner states – in particular with classical music – and in fact from any form of music really – it being a different form of communication from that of ordinary spoken language – some might say in some cases – being more pure and direct. Whilst of course listening is beneficial – and also profound – some may gain in different aspects from actually performing the music – perhaps even more so in writing one’s own music – creating one’s own song. Similar with creating one's own art, dance and the writing of poetry. Much later my interests moved into other therapeutic forms – covering hatha yoga, some of the various forms of meditation, zen mindfulness, tai chi, development in groups of various sorts, the world of therapies that included early developmental processes (specialising in attachment) and general forms of counselling and psychotherapy – with a focus on working with trauma.

*see Qualifications for articles, lectures, talks, radio chats

MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling
(accredited ~ City University London)
Registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
(registered UKCP up until 2014 – now retired).

Contemporary Relational Analyst – (4 yr. postgrad diploma)

Co-founder and later coordinator for a long stay residential Therapeutic Community – 1986-2010.

This was registered as a charity – received finance from the Housing Corporation, Social Services (via such as community mental health team referrals), and charitable organisations and businesses. This was closed in 2010 – considered to be part of needed governmental cuts – after the financial crisis.

*for a detailed explanation of my approach to brief therapy, counselling, psychotherapy and in-depth therapy ~ see


Bournemouth Therapy & website (regarding associated therapists) – is now closed and off-line.

Aternatively click WebHealer

Some of the problems that were covered in my client work (before I retired)

I am experienced in helping clients who have difficulties with self assertion, self esteem, knowing who you are, relationships, anxiety states, and such states that might include obsessive compulsive behaviours (OCD), panic attacks, agoraphobia and phobias. I have worked with addictions (drug, alcohol etc.), loss and depression, stress and trauma (overwhelming experiences that go beyond the realm of stress). I have also worked with borderline personality disorder and dissociative states ~ though in some instances this usually requires a more structured approach to the therapeutic provision.

As well as this, I am concerned with the various and very important issues of not knowing where one's path is in life and so on ~ which can often have a bearing in relation to some of the symptoms already described.



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I am a recognized provider with international insurance companies.

I provide supervision for therapists-in-training in placements within the NHS etc ~ covering various parts of the country.

Supervision and consultations offered for psychotherapists

Supervision and consultations provided on Attachment Theory


currently developing further applications of Attachment Theory and its human face for psychotherapy

agoraphobic, phobic, obsessional and panic states

clinical work and theoretical perspectives

clinical work and theoretical perpsectives

I am interested in new ideas and proposals for Therapeutic Communities, or any other therapeutic provisions having charitable status


Boscombe East therapy room:

John Jolliffe
'Orchards Gate'


The Counselling and Psychotherapy practice is near Christchurch and Bournemouth, and within reach of Poole in Dorset, as well as Ringwood and New Milton in Hampshire
 john.jolliffe@outlook.comPh 01202 470760 

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